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Colour-coded tags are a simple way to avoid sorting errors. Items such as shirts can be placed on movable transporters or numbered rail clips right off the folder or finishing unit, reducing labour and boosting productivity.
Labels print clearly, adhere firmly, peel off easily and can be adjusted automatically to match the number of characters. Y-151 (one line)

The Thermo-Seal®

tag has positive lot control to prevent costly, time-consuming mix-ups and lost garments. Between four to twelve large, clearly printed numerals and letters can be set in seconds for any code.

Y-300 (two lines of text or barcode)


The Y-300 makes the registration of items easier and faster with barcode printing. It can be connected by a serial interface to a host computer so that the machine acts as a printer.

Thermo-Seal® tape rolls

The tape is specifically made for Thermo-Seal® temporary marking machines and allows you to combine the color code with your printed code. It adheres firmly to cottons, polyester/cotton blends, loose weave polyester and wools and is available in eleven solid colors: orange, yellow, red, gray, lavender, white, green, pink, blue, gold and tan.

Thermoflag® tags

If Thermo-Seal® tape can’t be applied directly to a garment, Thermoflags® tags can be stapled or pinned to garments instead. They are available in white.

Thermo-Seal® tape rolls #8635

This tape is specifically made for the Y-300. It is available in eleven solid colours: orange, yellow, red, grey, lavender, white, green, pink, blue, gold and tan and adheres to cottons, poly/cotton blends, loose weave polyester and wools. Please note that Barcodes need contrast and only work on lighter colours.

Ink ribbon cartridge # RC2410-15

This cartridge features a black indelible ink ribbon that prints sharply and cleanly on Thermo-Seal® tape rolls. Print stays clear and legible through laundering, dry cleaning and finishing operations. The ink cartridge is very simple to snap into place.

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