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Stone Wash machine for jeans – FIM – LS300-R

Stone Wash machine for jeans – FIM – LS300-R

Special machine for the treatment of jeans. All the components which come into contatc with water are made of stainless steel AISI 304; examples are the drum (thickness mm 5 and base mm 10) and the door (diameter mm 900). Automatic functioning with a card programmer with pre-established cycles (alternatively all the phases can be carried out manually). Water inlet controlled by an electronic liter-counter with three different water levels which can be programmed and appear on the display. Temperature electronically controlled on three different values. Automatic unloading of washed garments by the tilting of the drums by the means of a hydraulic piston. Transmission group equipped with self-breaking motor and reverser. Auxiliary circuits at low valtage 24V.

Technical details:

Electrical connection: V 400/50/3 (8 kW)
Load capacity: 300 kg
Hourly production: 180 pcs/h
Drum diameter: 1850 mm
Drum depth: 1250 mm
Steam consumption: 150 kg/h
Compressed air consumption: 50 L/min
Overall dimensions: cm. 224x296x230(h)
Net weight: 5400 kg

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