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Ironer Series

Ironer Series

  • The roller, chest, bridge, support cylinder, connecting rod and balance shaft combine together to form an adaptive balance mechanism so that the pressure on drum and chest surface more even
  • Feeding rollers and drum drived by one motor, speed pulley directly sets and adjusts speed difference between drums to ensure high ironing quality
  • Adopt Japanese springs, UK high temperature resistance padding, good friction and air permeability, chest pressure also adjustable, which also ensure the ironing quality
  • High efficient and built-in dehumidification system, it can reasonably set and distribute temperature and humidity for each drum and ensure water vapor taken out to achieve good ironing quality and save energy
  • Adopt unique multi heat chambers with both sides thermal cycle design, steam, thermal oil, gas/LPG, electric heat for option, chest surface temperature can reach to 200℃ when use gas or thermal oil heat, smoothly ironing and fast speed that reduce energy 25-35%,improve ironing speed by 30%
  • Advanced computer intelligent control, convenient manmachine interaction, fault self-diagnosis function, easy to use and maintain, can synchronously working with folder
  • 1-4 rollers free combination, can work with sheet feeder to improve working efficiency

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